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Play “Crazy Time” Live by Evolution Gaming

Evolution is one of the developers who continues to shine in the Live Casino offer. Its name stands behind some of the industry's most successful launches. Evolution was the first developer to make TV quiz-style games popular in the online gambling industry with its hit Dream Catcher release. Dream Catcher has inspired many sequels and even competing titles from other developers, and is the predecessor to the current blockbuster, Crazy Time.

Crazy Time was first unveiled at ICE 2020 by Evolution, despite being launched in July 2020. It was one of the year's most anticipated premieres as it both sounded and looked very entertaining. Final score? An absolute winner! Crazy Time eclipsed all previous TV game show-style live casino games. This is a game that offers more features and bonuses than any other game in the Evolution portfolio.

Once you load the game, you will see a friendly, cheerful presenter, host who will be with you all the time. Naturally, the focal point of the game is the money wheel. On the screen at the bottom you will see the betting options. There are eight different bets you can make, broken down among 54 segments per wheel. When you place a bet, the host will spin the wheel. If the wheel stops on the number you bet on, you win. But the wheel can also stop at the bonus segment. Every spin of the money wheel can lead you to bonus rounds. However, in order to be able to play the bonus, you have to place a bet on the bonus. Four exciting bonus rounds can be launched through the money wheel: Crazy Time, Coin Flip, Pachinko and Cash Hunt. Each of these four bonus rounds rewards with different multipliers, so the fun and rewards never end.

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Bonus Rounds

The most attractive and most rewarding bonus is of course the Crazy Time Bonus. Named after the game itself, this bonus is the star of the show. When it is triggered, a larger 64-segment wheel with three flaps will appear on the screen. The best thing about this wheel, though, is that each segment is made up of a win multiplier value. Your task will be to choose a yellow, blue or green flapper and you will receive a reward written on the segment where this flapper lands. Get ready as the flapper can land on a triple or double segment, which will triple or double your winnings!

The Coin Flip bonus also takes you away from the main money wheel. This is a simple and the most widely awarded bonus. You get a coin with different multipliers on each side. One side is blue, the other side is red. You have to choose the side that you think will win in the given time. If time is up, the game will choose the side instead of you. If you choose the winning side you will get a multiplier. The chances of winning here are, apparently, 50-50.

After activating the Pachinko bonus, you will be taken to a large wall filled with 16 multipliers. The host will go to the top of the screen and drop the puck. This puck may land on any of the 16 multipliers, ensuring a win. But it can also land on a Double space and double all multipliers. When this happens, the host drops the puck again until all the multipliers have reached 10,000x. This is when the Double segment is replaced with a win of 10,000x.

Finally, you have a Cash Hunt bonus similar to Pachenko. There are 108 multipliers on the wall in this bonus on the wall, hidden behind symbols that are mixed up so it is difficult to keep track of where they will appear. You have to shoot the board, choose one of the symbols and release the Multiplier hidden under it.

The game is quite complex, and you can experience a loss. But you can also see the huge winnings on your way. Don't forget to be quick in your decisions. If you miss each round's scheduled time, the game chooses options on your behalf.

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